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    ASICS MetaRun
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Most runners face a common issue when it comes to the cushioning and weight of their shoes. You either get a heavy running shoe with a lot of cushioning or you get a lightweight shoe with less cushioning.

Heavy running shoes usually have better impact protection, but slow you down. Light running shoes usually have less impact protection, but weigh less. So which feature do you go with? There is not a perfect balance between both features.

However, this is not the case with the ASICS FlyteFoam midsole component. Even though it is light, its impact protection is still highly responsive.

According to the ASICS Institute of Sports Science (ISS), FlyteFoam technology is “55% lighter than the industry standard,” which is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

The ASICS ISS conducted Research & Development (R&D) for three continuous years of before releasing its FlyteFoam midsole technology in the market. A total of 300 different prototypes were developed for testing purposes. Developing the following three features might have been ASICS' main challenges:

  • Lightness: FlyteFoam technology is 55% lighter than the industry standard.
  • Cushioning: FlyteFoam technology has reinforced organic fibers that do not sacrifice responsiveness.
  • Impact-protection: FlyteFoam technology provides cushioning without the extra weight.

The leading product-line that features FlyteFoam technology is the ASICS MetaRun. It is the best in class ASICS running shoe — it has the following three components: Jaquard Mesh, X-GEL, FlyteFoam, MetaClutch, and AdaptTruss.

Featured Tech:
Upper: Jacquard Mesh

The ASICS MetaRun has an optimized one-piece upper called the “Jacquard Mesh.” It provides flexibility, breathability, and it also a locks your feet in place. Thus, it prevents your feet from overheating or your ankles from rolling to the side.

Additionally, the Jacquard Mesh upper design prevents your feet from getting blisters. The fewer components that an upper has, the fewer blisters your feet will get.

Midsole: X-Gel + FlyteFoam + MetaClutch

The most notable aspect of the ASICS MetaRun is its midsole component. It is the combination of X-Gel, FlyteFoam, and MetaClutch technologies. The MetaRun has two main gels. There is one gel in the back and one in the front of the shoe, which is where your feet take the most impact.

The X-Gels and FlyteFoam technologies work together to reduce the impact on your feet. Even though FlyteFoam technology is 55% lighter than the industry standard, its organic fibers shape the midsole shape back into place after each stride or step.

Then the MetaClutch heel stabilizer connects the upper and the midsole components of the MetaRun. This heel stabilizer has memory foam lining that provides a personalized fit after you break the shoe in.

Outsole: AdaptTruss

On the outsole, the Asics MetaRun has a two-piece AdaptTruss. It is a flexible component that provides stability during long runs and also prevents your feet from rolling in while running.


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