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    Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite
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    Elite Athlete Testing Only

What is it going to take for the first person to run a marathon (26.2 miles) under two hours?

In 2014, the world record for the fastest marathon was set by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya. He ran a 2:02:57, which was at a 4:41-mile pace. Yes, that's right… every single mile at a 4:41-mile pace.

But, the Nike Running team has an ambitious plan to shatter the current record. Its campaign, #Breaking2 features three exclusively selected athletes to run a marathon under 2 hours. That means that each mile has to be at 4:34-mile pace (or faster).

Zoom Vaporfly Elite

As Eliud, Lelisa, and Zersernay push to get the most out of every stride, they will do so with the new Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite. Each athlete will receive a pair with custom tuning and fitment for optimal performance for their run.

“Form must follow function. We leveraged aerodynamic insights to deliver a radical and iconic aesthetics that screams speed,” says Stefan Gust, Sr. Footwear Designer at Nike.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. The only thing required is more sports science research and technology. And this what the Nike Sports Research Lab does best.

So, there is no surprise that Nike will continue to push new boundaries at all cost to stay at the forefront of its competition. Through sheer determination, research, and technology, the new Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite features Nike's latest midsole technology, Nike ZoomX.

Nike ZoomX

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite uses Nike technology components that have been seen in previous racing footwear product-lines.

However, with the analysis of biomechanics and technology, the Nike ZoomX midsole allocates its resources more efficiently. It provides more energy return per stride.

How so? At the forefront, there is a 21mm forefoot height. This provides a forward moving shape. In the middle of the midsole, there is a 9mm offset, which reduces strain on the heel and Achilles.

Lastly, there is an internal carbon fiber plate inside the Nike ZoomX midsole. This provides your feet a smoother transition on every single stride.

 #Breaking2 (ATHLETES)

Eliud Kipchoge Lelisa Desisa Zersenay Tadese
Country: Kenya Country: Ethiopia Country: Eritrea
Height: 5'6” Height: 5'7” Height: 5'3”
Weight: 126 lbs. Weight: 121 lbs. Weight: 119 Lbs.
Marathon PR: 2:03:05 Marathon PR: 2:04:45 Marathon PR: 2:10:41

 “It's crazy, nobody can run that fast… for that long – so, we're doing it, says Eliud Kipchoge”


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