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Nike's latest innovation, Nike React re-invents how foam materials perform for its midsole components. It was first designed and made only for Nike Basketball shoes only, but it is now being integrated into Nike Running shoes…

A total of 2,000 hours of Research & Development (R&D) was conducted before Nike React was first released into the market. Nike is not reinventing the wheel here, it is creating products with better materials and data from world-class athletes at the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL). By doing so, it is creating breakthrough products that help athletes maximize their performance.

Everything is taken into consideration – From the way basketball players move, run, or jump. Everything matters when it comes to world-class competition. And just recently, Nike has been testing Nike React to further extend it into its Nike Running shoes.

What is Nike React (features)? It is an outsole component made out of lightweight foam that is both, resilient and durable. Previous foam technologies are lightweight, but, it will usually lack resilience or durability. According to Nike Chemical Engineers, “It the most durable foam we have tested and use today in basketball.”

How does Nike React work (benefits)? Nike React is a foam reacts swiftly after each step. Most footwear foam technologies take a while to return to its original state of form, with this outsole component. That's why it is called “Nike React.” It reacts swiftly, so it will provide you with consistent cushioning during your basketball games or for long distance running.

“Runners ran more than 17,000 miles on test shoes.”

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